Consider Your Cookies Tossed – CYC Style!

For years the Chinese Youth Club (CYC) has been tossing fortune cookies into the crowds of spectators at the Chinese New Years Parade. It started when the CYC Rebels volleyball team, who would stuff athletic bags with FC’s and toss 5..10..15 at a time in the air into the crowd.  This tradition has been passed on through the CYC Women’s basketball team who brought a different game plan with a more precise one-on-one distribution.  Who knows how it’ll happen this year, but get to the parade and see for yourself how CYC’s gonna TOSS THEIR COOKIES!!!!

Custom made “Pink” FC Bags…stylin’!!!

FC Crew trying to stay warm in 2016 with temps in the single digits!

CYC’s Pui Sham all decked out with her flags…getting ready to Toss her Cookies!

The 2017 FC Crew!

Lai and Stephanie happy to be at the assembly area.